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Missionary Fundraising



One of the FOCUS missionaries who will be newly serving here at Ave Maria University has 4 weeks left to raise at least another $763/month in order to cover his mission and living expenses, etc. Perhaps you will feel called to help him meet his goal.

TIP: Go to his blog to see an amazing photo taken in front of the Oratory.

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To be honest  there isn’t a ton of big stuff to report on last week. It was pretty slow all around but the good stuff was really good and the okay stuff was just okay. Now I’m entering into the last 4 weeks I have before I need to head back to Ave Maria.

I definitely feel like I’ve hit a wall with fundraising. It is kind of scary but I’m trying not to panic. The week before last was a great week for MPD with my trip to Fort Collins being very successful. This past week…not so much. I felt a little burnt out. Looking at my list of contacts I thought I still had plenty of people I could ask to join my support team. However, going through them I’ve realized that I’ve pretty much reached out to the majority of people on that list in some one…

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Philosophers on a Mountain Top


These two are among the men who call Ave Maria home. It will be interesting to hear more about their escapade over a bourbon or some wine. Let us pray they came back refreshed and ready to inspire their students and contribute to the Academy.

Originally posted on Michael Pakaluk:

Mt Jefferson

Michael Waldstein, my colleague in theology, an experienced Alpinist from his youth in Salzburg, with me on the summit of Mt Jefferson, on the last day of a writing retreat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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Ave Herald publishers say goodbye to town’s iconic cat, Monty

Please click to read about Monty, cat of Ave Maria.


Updated Ave Maria HOA contact sheet – includes new Maple Ridge HOA contact info

HOAs in Ave Maria

New home sales in Ave Maria: Hampton highest average price, Maple Ridge most sales

homes sold in Ave Maria

Map from county website showing Ave Maria home sales in 2014

In the four-month period April 1 through July 28, 2014, there were 51 new home sales in Ave Maria at an average price of  just over $277,000 (according to a database search of the official records of Collier County). Meanwhile new construction continues apace in Maple Ridge

While Hampton Village had the highest average new home price, Maple Ridge sold the most homes, followed closely by Del Webb. Also noteworthy is that Ave Maria Development has no more condominiums listed for sale at La Piazza in the heart of town. These figures include only new home sales from the various builders to the public:

  • 23 Maple Ridge new home closings at an average sales price of about $284,000;
  • 22 Del Webb Naples new home closings at an average sales price just under $276,000;
  • 3 Hampton Village new home closings at an average sales price of about $298,000;
  • 2 LaPiazza condo new home closings at an average sales price of $170,000; and
  • 1 Emerson Park new home closing at a sales price of $290,000.




AMU Student: Blogging Through Pope John XXIII


AMU student Peter Atkinson shares his experience reading about Pope St. John XXIII.

Originally posted on The Browning Version:

Journal of a Soul

In 2014, I will be blogging through Pope John XXIII’s Journey of a Soul. Each Monday I will post a reflection on the previous weeks selection. Feel free to keep pace reading by picking up a copy here. I am borrowing Leah Libresco’s method of blogging through Pope Francis’ book because I am scared at the prospect of never writing a review until months later, when I finish reading the volume.

“If we are to understand the bold direction given to the Church by Pope John, we must enter into his interior solitude.”

- Fr. Giulio Bevilacqua, childhood friend to Pope John XXIII (p. xxv)


In 1895, when he was 14, Angelo Roncalli began writing in his journals and did not stop until he, as Pope John XXIII, was 81, shortly before his June 1963 death. His habit gives us the unique privilege of witnessing his spiritual growth leading up to and during his papacy…

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Comments, Chronology & Video: Ave Maria University President Towey reacts to Hobby Lobby decision

Today’s Supreme Court news in the Hobby Lobby HHS contraception mandate case reverberated in Ave Maria rather loudly. While the impact the decision will have on lawsuits by non-profits such as AMU is not clear, AMU president Jim Towey (an attorney) sees today’s decision as a good development. AMU is represented by the Becket Fund, the same  law firm that prevailed in today’s Hobby Lobby case. The Ave Herald’s coverage is here.





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