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Ave Maria, Florida – the town with a Catholic heart.©™ Stories & information for residents & visitors.

What others are saying about Ave Maria

Barron Collier Co – Praise & thanks for AMU CEO
Bishop Dewane – AMU granted “Catholic” status
Captial Research Ctr – Renaissance in Catholic Ed
Cardinal Levada – baccalaureate address
First Things – AMU “Most Catholic” college
Florida Weekly – profile of town & AMU
French TV: Ave Maria, ville catholique
Hadley Arkes – AMU: A Challenge Among Friends
ISI CollegeGuide.org – AMU: Fresh, Hot & Crusty
Learnhub – International Student Testimonials
Michael Novak – Catholic Culture of Ave Maria
Naples Daily News – “Amazing Achievement”
Naples Daily News – New leader, new recognition
National Review – Postcard from Florida
Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College
Newt Gingrich – dicusses support of Ave Law
PBS – on Ave Maria’s founding
Photo essay of Ave Maria by Leopold Fiala
Photo essay of Ave Maria by Rylan Steele
Rick Santorum address at AMU
The Tablet – from the archives
Tribute to Alex of Ave Maria
Tribute to AMU’s Jon Scharfenberger
Wikipedia – entry on Ave Maria

Ave Maria in the News

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