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Ave Maria: home is where the orange blossoms grow

[Update: scroll to the end.]

This time of year, Ave Maria smells heavenly.

imageThick waves of perfume waft along sidewalks and onto front porches.


This beautiful breeze flows from the acres of orange groves in blossom – row upon row of snowy flowering trees that surround Ave Maria.


The scent is so overwhelming that you might even wonder if Mother Mary is nearby. And then you might pray – better yet, contemplate.


This folk song captures the mood. A song to teach our children.


You can hear the song in this video, where the singer also explains that the second verse is different all over the state of Florida:

There’s no Ave Maria version. Yet.

Update: there is now an Ave Maria version.

I want to wander down to the chapel
Where I’ll greet Him with “hello”
And I’ll say my prayers in Florida
Where the orange blossoms grow

I want to ride my bike to the ball field
Where I’ll yell “Shamrocks [Gyrenes/Papists] let’s go!”
And I’ll cheer my team in Florida
Where the orange blossoms grow

I want to walk right down to the Queen Mary Pub
Where my friends will say “hello”
And I’ll make my home in Florida
Where the orange blossoms grow

I’m going to walk on over to my neighbor’s porch
Like we did so long ago
And I’m home here in Ave Maria
Where the orange blossoms grow

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