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What’s the population of Ave Maria?

At tonight’s annual AMU Founder’s Club Dinner in Naples, the chief operating officer of Barron Collier Companies, Brian Goguen, gave an Ave Maria town update to the nearly 300 attendees. No doubt, the Ave Herald has more details, but these are some highlights:

Homes sold 2009: 35

Homes sold 2010: 35

Homes sold 2011: 35

Homes sold 2012: 65

Homes sold 2013: 150

Homes sales 2014 forecast: 300

Home contracts signed Jan-Mar 2013: 42

Home contracts signed Jan-Mar 2014: 74

Total homes already sold: 560

Additional homes under contract: 150

Ave Maria population estimate: 2500 (not counting university students)

The annual dinner in honor of deceased alumnus Jon Scharfenberger raises scholarship funds for students who are pro-life leaders. Also today, Jon’s uncle Dennis Scharfenberger was consecrated bishop of Albany, New York. Jon’s mother Anna spoke at the dinner, as did AMU president Jim Towey and the founder of the entire Ave Maria project, Tom Monaghan.

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