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In need of corporal works, He left

To lose – to give my self – to love*

From crib to cross the life He led
Was feeding us and being fed

In giving all He had to give
His body: food, that I might live

Yes from that wood He wished to feed
His flock by giving me His need

Such wounded need, to give me heaven
The Lamb in need of works, all seven

Evicted from His temple home (1)
Imprisoned by the man from Rome (2)

Sickened by each brutal blow (3)
A grimmer day no man could know

Naked (4) and deprived of bread (5)
And thirsting so (6), and finally dead (7)

In need of corporal works, He left
A humble gift for His bereft

That strengthens us to ever give
To ‘suage His need in those who live

His gift to me was being killed
By giving so was He fulfilled

I too must lose my “self” to find
The dest’ny of my heart and mind

To lose – to give my self – to love
A humble moon, reflection of

The gleaming giving Trinity
I seek and hope to ever be

And thus I hope to ever see
In glory His Divinity

By losing everything, I gain
By losing, everything I gain


A family’s Way of the Cross*

01 Station 02 Station 03 Station

04 Station 05 Station 06A Station 06B Station 07 Station 08A Station 08B Station 09 Station 10A Station 10B Station 11A Station 11B Station 12A Station 12B Station 13A Station 13B Station 13C Station 14A Station 14B Station 14C Station


* This poem is excerpted from a longer poem by yours truly, Robb Klucik. The Way of the Cross is a Good Friday tradition in our home; these photos are from 2011.


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