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Hail & Welcome


Hail (that’s what “Ave” means, after all) and welcome!  The town of Ave Maria is a town where our love of neighbor is a testament to our love of God.

The editor has been part of the Ave Maria projects since 2000 and is one of the founding residents who moved to the town in 2007. This website provides information about life in our town, is edited by residents of our town, and is published for fellow residents and others who seek information about the place we call home: Ave Maria, Florida.

AveMariaLiving.com is meant to be a resource for residents and students, and for those who are curious about the town, its people, and its institutions. For news and other information typically found  in a small town newspaper, The Ave Herald e-newspaper is the best source.

All content at AveMariaLiving.com is copyrighted with all rights reserved, and any fair use excerpts must include the phrase “Copyright AveMariaLiving.com” that is hotlinked to the source page at this blog.

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