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Ave Maria’s Pakaluk to Harvard’s Faust: Eucharistic worship is NOT “reasoned discourse and robust dissent”

harvard adoration

Eucharistic Adoration at Harvard Square: “Reasoned discourse and robust dissent”?

Michael Pakaluk is an Ave Marian with close and longstanding ties to Harvard. There he met his late wife Ruth while they were both undergraduates. He later earned his PhD in Philosophy there, and his wife Catherine recently earned her PhD from Harvard. He also has close ties to Ave Maria (owns a home here, is raising his family here, is a professor here, some of his children attend college here, his mother lives here, his father-in-law lives here, his married son lives here, his married daughter lives here, etc.).

We shared his initial reaction to Harvard’s black mass here at AveMariaLiving.com. Yesterday Michael wrote about the Faustian response he received from black mass Harvard’s president in reply to Pakaluk’s letter to her. President Faust sent a form letter to “Mr. Pakaluk” (just some guy who has two degrees from Harvard, married Harvard alums, has for decades been a prominent

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Father McTeigue: More reparation for Harvard’s black mass


Older & better: Eucharistia est Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae – The Eucharist is the Truth of Christ and the Church

Last Thursday we shared with readers: 1) the evidence presented by Harvard  alum Michael Pakaluk (an Ave Maria resident and professor at Ave Maria University) that the leaders of Harvard face a conundrum of their own making when it comes to what shall henceforth be known as Harvard’s black mass; 2) a beautiful rendering of one of Satan’s most powerful enemies, Saint Michael the Archangel, painted by the talented Cornelius Sullivan, a former art instructor at Harvard University who is an Ave Maria parishioner; and 3) the homily AMU’s Father Robert McTeigue, SJ, delivered as he led a public act of reparation and love.

On Friday Father McTeigue delivered another wonderful homily – another public act of reparation and love – joyfully proclaiming the “veritas” the Church has always vouchsafed: that the Eucharist is the Truth of Christ and the Church. He asked me to include his forwarding remarks, which are in italics:

As a priest, I am a servant, steward and guardian of the Eucharist. Consequently, the sacrilege to be hosted at Harvard on Monday is especially painful to me.  You know that on Thursday, when I first learned of this outrage, I changed my plans for the Mass I was scheduled for that day, along with the homily I had planned.  I offered the Votive Mass of the Precious Blood. On Friday, I was scheduled for the noon Mass here.  With the impending Harvard scandal still on my heart, I offered the Votive Mass in Honor of the Holy Eucharist.  Here is the homily I preached that day. Again, I must say how grateful I am as a priest to be of service to a community with such a deep reverence and love for our Eucharistic Lord.

When I was a boy, I grew up hearing stories of my Italian grandfather, Guido Formisano.  On Sundays, your Sunday obligation was only partly fulfilled by going to Mass.  Your obligation was completed by eating Sunday dinner, with Papa at the head of the table.  These were great and grand dinners.  Papa would be all the leaves into the table in order to extend it.  And when they ran out of chairs, they would put ironing boards between stools in order to seat everyone.  The homemade food and homemade wine appeared endless.  Everyone enjoyed the dinners Papa presided over, but few really knew what those dinners cost him.

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Ave Maria’s Michael Pakaluk and Fr. McTeigue on Harvard’s black mass


Saint Michael by artist Cornelius Sullivan, a member of the Ave Maria community. Saint Michael’s assistance is invoked against the devil at the end of every Mass in Ave Maria. Sullivan has taught Drawing at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

UPDATE 5/12/2014: Father McTeigue offered another act of reparation here.

By now many have heard of Harvard University’s “black mass” scheduled for May 12. The always engaging head of Ave Maria’s Department of Philosphy, Michael Pakaluk, who as an alum (undergrad and PhD) knows the black mass Harvard well, served up a list of pithy comments about the situation on his blog. Here is one to tempt you to click:

2. Yes, of course, the administration would not be benignly tolerant if it were the reenactment of a KKK lynching (for purposes of cultural edification, of course), or a ritualized Koran burning.  It’s too obvious to say this.  But it had to be said.

When my good friend, Father Robert McTeigue, SJ, an adjunct philosophy professor at Ave Maria University, heard about Harvard’s black mass, he changed his homily, went to say Mass at the Oratory as scheduled, put on red vestments, and

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